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Valentine’s Day is the afternoon of love and romance. It comes on the fourteenth of Feb annually and it is celebrated throughout the world like U.K., U.S., India, Britain, France, Australia, Italy etc. Different nations celebrate it with different traditions. Celebrating an event in this technology age is more attractive, So we bring Valentines Day Pictures & Wallpapers for this purpose. Valentine’s Day is the feast of St. Valentine. Valentine’s Day has Valentine who married in secret and sense of it, he’d sacrificed his life to the Ancient Rome emperor Claudius. People still remember St. Valentine on Valentine’s Day to give him honor. It is said the Rome Emperor, Claudius, didn’t want any unions to take place. Bishop Valentine played marriage ceremonies which led him on fourteenth Feb death and in regard to him went from him, fans celebrate Feb each year.


Valentines Day Pictures & Wallpapers:

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Valentine’s Day’s another belief is the day of fourteenth Feb, when he was executed, he gave him a notice to reassure her that said and a visitor. The people residing in across the globe celebrate each year it. People Kids Teenagers celebrate Valentine’s Day is a global and glorious festival. There is yet another factor of Valentine’s Day celebration in time that is latest. People find a way to express their love.The frequent factor of Valentine’s Day to share the love for their partner is to provide chocolates, cakes, flowers, and soft toys etc. This festival of love and romance, that’s, Valentine’s Day is stated to have invented in pagan times in Rome once individuals celebrated fertility festival in mid-February.



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