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So, now let’s have a look what particularly Easter is and why it is celebrated each year.



Easter is stated as an event of Christians which is celebrated each year between 21st March and 25th April on the first Sunday after the first full moon is sighted in the northern spring equinox. A weekend from Good Friday till Easter Monday.

This festival is mostly celebrated in the western church in the resurrection of Christ. The importance of Easter is that Christians think that Jesus died due to their sins and to overcome thing they fast which is called ‘Lent’. So, talking about Lent is start on the Ash Friday and ends on Good Friday, the day when Jesus was nailed or crucifixion. The Christian as emphasized to Fast for 40 days and this fastening event was start by Pope Gregory 1. On the 40 days pattern used by Isreal, Moses, Elijah, and Jesus, the time declared as wilderness.


LENT is a period of 40 days of fasting. Having numerous holy days in center. Starting off with the Good Friday. Following with Holy Saturday and then Easter Sunday that forms the Easter Triduum and all it ends on with the three days celebration of Easter.

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There are many traditions that relate to Easter and its celebrations. Celebrating it with bunnies, lilies and colored eggs are the symbols of life. Bunnies considered as the pests. So, people buy long ears, pointed nose bunnies. Moreover, colored eggs are symbolized as the source of new life and share it with each other. Lilies are the symbolized as the purity and innocence things. Whereas lambs are sacrificed by each family on the name of the celebration. People buy new clothes. Many other services are given free of cost.

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