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Free Chinese New Year Wallpapers HD

Chinese New Year starts on 5th February, You can download Chinese New Year Wallpaper to celebrate this event. It is also known as Lunar New Year. A great Chinese festival that is celebrated in the beginning (February) of each year. For that purpose, here are tremendous Chinese new year wallpaper to make your event more colorful.

Chinese New Year Traditions
You’ll rarely see one solitary Chinese lantern, rather you will see several in once, perhaps hundreds, floating up in the night sky. The traditional use of this kind of lantern began when civilians in China first time the beauty of the lanterns, which were originally utilized as signaling devices and began to incorporate them in their celebrations. Ever since that time, they’ve been widely used all over China and Asia in festivals, notably Chinese New Year. Usually, the end of the New Year celebrations is marked with a big Chinese lantern festival. Through which hundreds upon hundreds of lanterns are released by families celebrating the new year together.


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Here is the collection of Chinese New Year Wallpaper:

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The meaning behind the Chinese lantern does vary slightly in accordance with the traditions associated with different events at which a Chinese lantern could be used.

For the New Year celebrations, for instance, the lanterns are considered to bring prosperity and good luck for all those individuals who release them, as well as to represent a person’s problems, worries, and concerns that flutter in the night.

In other celebrations, kids solve puzzles drawn onto their lantern and carry them to Buddhism temples, where the flame is considered to represent wisdom. In still different festivals, lovers release a lantern between them in order to signify their love for each other.

This perhaps explains their greater use in the United Kingdom at celebrations of marriage and New Year. To purchase your very own Chinese lantern online, visit Sky Candle at.



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