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4th of July being the biggest day for the United States as it’s the day when it was officially announced that separate and autonomous from Great Britain than how come there can be any lacking seen in its celebration.
4th of July Fireworks is one of the biggest events and the day is celebrated with full enthusiasm. This year also there will be something different and unique at Macy’s 4th
of July fireworks show in the New York City. Since last five years the fireworks were centered on mid-town but this year it will be initiated from barges positioned near the Brooklyn Bridge over the East River.

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The firework display will take place on 4th of July, Thursday 2019 at around 9.30 p.m.
Last year in 2014 fireworks were launched from Brooklyn Bridge, this year fireworks will be dispatched from the four barges positioned on the lower East river, at Pier 17 at the seaport district. The bridge will itself be part of the display, In a release Macy’s spokesman noted it,
“will fully integrate the Brooklyn Bridge with a design that will showcase approximately 25,000 shells and effects launching of the span.”
Highlights according to Macy’s expect a 1600-foot-long waterfall of fireworks to explode from the span between the large towers of the bridge.
This year’s theme for such a big and precious day will feature classic American cinema with a fan favorite film score that chaperons the display.



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